Secret Desires

How many shades of gray does Womanhood have? Why are women secretly turned on by reading Fifty Shades of Gray? It seems like it is especially popular among middle-aged women. The concept is entirely at odds with our prevailing feminist ideologies. Still, something about it turns us on. Perhaps women want to be naughty and not be judged. Maybe it is that true passion and love that all women crave. Is everyone secretly wishing to be someone’s object of desire or to be involved in such an erotic power exchange? The all-time popular movies 9 and 1/2 weeks, Pretty Woman, Wild Orchid, all stir the same kind of emotions among many women. Having a balance between power and letting go could be therapeutic (The Yin and the Yang) There really is no wrong answer here.
Let’s talk about Your Fifty Shades! Is it safe to let go once in a while (of course, it has to be consensual)—Your thoughts/experiences?

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