What is/was my definition of womanhood

In many cultures the concept of womanhood is not very well understood.  Almost 30 years later, since I first stepped foot to the States as a teenager, I am still marveled by how confusing gender roles are; especially within certain cultures.

What does being a woman mean to you?

To me it means being a compassionate mom, having the privilege to use my sexuality to produce offsprings , be a caring wife, look feminine, doll up, look good, be flirtatious and strive to achieve the socially accepted “gorgeous” look for someone my age, spend tons of money on cosmetic products, play the role of a “good wife”,  act  that I am always happy in my marriage, at times shut my mouth as to not inadvertently offend my male coworkers! be the voice of reason…

Today I have a different definition of what womanhood means to me. I no more care to fit the social norms.

Let’s talk about an example of a gender stereotype that just does not apply to your life anymore.

I was a horrid cook and my In-laws made sure that I understood that when we first got married. I still hate cooking, but today I enjoy being served the delicious food my husband makes me. Him and my In-laws still boast about their amazing culinary skill! Good for them and even better for meIMG_20200328_172622_974

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