Am I married to a Narcissist?


MARCH 30, 2020

Today is day who knows what # of quarantine from COVID-19, and I
return home from work having to deal with this ridiculous debate that my husband always starts about who is making more money! Me as a professional and a health care provider or him as a freelance artist? Mind you; he is currently absolutely jobless due to economic shut down ( as is most of the world).
Why are men so threatened by an educated woman that the world seems to respects? Even today, some men find it hard to accept that their female partners may have a higher position of power in society. If they are a narcissist, they will turn that argument about how much better and more powerful they are in their little community; or about how there are myriad of more natural ways to make better money than a respected professional. For the most part, money has never been an issue in our marriage. Years ago, I decided to join a health care center and contribute my time and talent to serve our local community. Choosing this type of health care system instead of private practice has been extremely rewarding for me. But why is it bothering my husband? The irrelevant comments about how he can make more money than his wife are getting old and make him seem like he is jealous of my educational background or accomplishments in life. Who cares Bruh if there are millions of other ways to make a quick buck. It was never about the money for me. Boys, stop crying and get over it, sometimes a Woman’s professional title will carry more weight than the amount of money you will ever make.

Are there other women out there who feel their male partners feel threatened by their education or job title?


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