Troutman Street and ST.Nicolas Avenue and The Street with No name

Streets of New York is where Graffiti tells you the story!
The streets of New York have been on my mind since our country’s COVID-19 outbreak. I can not phantom New York without its hustle. I can not imagine all the empty streets, restaurants, the metro and the subway. Yet one constant still remains: The Graffiti.

Last year I decided to visit New York city with a completely different perspective on mind. My purpose for this visit was to explore the art of Graffiti in detail. I traveled solo and It was very liberating. Wandering up and down the streets of New York, was a walk down the memory lane for me.

I am a first-generation immigrant. I do not recall the beautiful street my parents claim to have raised me on. Instead, I remember the destroyed homes and office buildings on the streets amid a revolution and a never ending war. I remember the blackouts and all the windows that were covered with black cardboard or paint to prevent enemy aircraft from seeing our homes as targets. I also remember Graffiti and Street Art.
My grandfather and I woke up each morning wandering up and down the streets, in hopes of discovering newly painted art. Neither one of us cared for their political message; we just wanted to see the bright colors and the paintings. It was very therapeutic.

Born in the 1970s, when New York was going bankrupt, Street Art started as a form of vandalism; today, however, Graffiti is a sign of gentrification in that city.

The stretch between Troutman Street and St. Nicholas Avenue
is known as Bushwick Brooklyn Street Art, has a myriad of well-known street artists. ICY and SOT were some of my favorites.

Graffiti today has brought the New York communities and clusters closer together and made it beautiful.

Do not forget to stop at the super cool city of Saint’s Coffee Roasters while you visit Bushwick.

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