Lighthouse Enlightenment: Prompt-Light



What is the first thing you associate with when you think of a lighthouse? For me, it was Georges-Gustave Toudouze’s short story, “Three Skeleton Key.”
The operator starts his narrative by giving a brief description of this lighthouse off the coast of Guiana. No one wanted to work there because it was hunted by all the convicts who escaped prison or died in that lighthouse. But what spooked me most about this story was how the lighthouse operator and his crew, were actually attacked one night by these insane Rats:

“No, these were ships’ rats, huge, wise creatures, born on the sea, sailing all over the world on ships, transferring to other, larger ships as they multiply. There is as much difference between the rats of the land and these maritime rats as between a fishing smack and an armored cruiser. The rats of the sea were fierce, bold animals. Large, strong and intelligent, clannish and sea-wise, able to put the best of mariners of shame with their knowledge of the sea, their uncanny ability to foretell the weather. And they are brave, the rats, and vengeful.”

As much as I loved visiting oceans globally, I used to veer from lighthouses. Today, I have a different perspective, and this is why:
History: On Aug 7, 1789, lighthouses became recognized by our government as an essential safety tool for ships. Such Towers were designed to allow the boat to find the harbors when it was foggy or too dark to see the dock.
Lighthouses show strength: This all alone standing towers are a definition of resilience. They are strong enough to break the violent waves created during a storm. They stand alone in nature with enormous strength.
Lighthouses are a sign of safety and hope: “Light at the end of the tunnel.”
They are just so dramatic and mysterious. There is an unknown allure that surrounds them.
My two favorite Lighthouses: Hilton-head harbor light house (SC) and The Boston Light. Here is a link about the real story about this light house

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