The Truth IN Education

Today I was wondering about how our education system has been coping with this COVID-19 situation and stumbled across this article, which compelled me to put in my two cents. Thirty years after my High school graduation, I still remember how common cheating was during those carefree days. It was like a right of passage.

I imagine with the added pressure on students to perform superbly, as well as improved technology, cheating has become more frequent and complicated nowadays.  

While it always just felt wrong to be caught performing this dishonest act, I never did analyze the situation from the student’s perspective.

While the expectation for teenagers to perform at a very high standard keeps increasing, the education system keeps failing to meet such high standards. Many teachers are just not equipped to prepare their students at this level. Whether it is a lack of credentials, motivation, innovation, innate passion for teaching, or proper budget, students often return home feeling that their class time was a complete waste. More and more, students get pressured to self-study 100%, then go and take a test, not at all reflective of what they have learned. Often a generic analysis is utilized, regardless of whether the content was ever covered or taught. In a way, many educators are setting up an environment for students to either fail or resort to some less honest acts.  

  If the School is cheating the students and not giving them a proper education, then students can retaliate and cheat too! (Lahey).

The author is very accurate in pointing out; that if in fact, the educators and the school system prepare the children properly during class time and offer them the correct study material to study at home, then the issue of cheating may be eliminated. Instead, many teachers only providing busy work and useless video instructions. Students hardly cheat on tests ( such as the standardized tests) that correctly measures an individual’s achievement, as well as are genuinely reflective of an individual’s independent learning,

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