You put an invisible mask on my mouth to silence me. You declared a lover’s quarantine and separated us.


I only can love you when you are absent. I feel this vast emptiness: together but so far in our thoughts. Our union is an oxymoron.

We are Living under one roof yet we barely talk.I have been practicing social distancing for years. You placed an invisible mask on my mouth even before we were quarantined. You silenced me and separated us. Perhaps it is not love at all and it is just the comfort of knowing that someone else co-exists with you. I welcome the distance. We accept the conditions of our strange love; the pain and the loneliness of this empty space between us.

Is it even love? How could I have ever loved such a narcissistic being?

Lovers so distant sleeping right next to each other. it is just easier that way.

If it is a good day we may say Hello to one-another. That One word is the longest, most polite conversation we will ever have.

Stay away so you degrade me no more.

Maybe one day I will have the courage to just walk out. Maybe one day I won’t care to claim that which is mine. One day I will just give away everything I own and walk out. That is what you have wanted all along anyways. USE, ABUSE, then DISCARD. Respect means nothing to you.

You will never have my Soul. My thought and desires will always be mine. One day I will find my pair and share myself. He will understand and nurture me. One day there won’t be any distance between my lover and I.

You are just another familiar face. Knowing that we do not have to ever share our thoughts and desires is comforting. I love the distance, I feel safe!

Your presence is suffocating

Your love is so demanding .

Stay 23 foot away from me, always and forever! Till death do us part and you killed me when I was only sixteen.

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