Delilah soaked in her bathtub, sucking in the aroma of essential oils in her bubble bath. It was the same routine every time she had a date with David. Adultery, faithlessness, promise to make David center of her priority, all came to mind as she tried to erase her memories from the previous night. Her mind drifts away, thinking about Edge. It has only been two meetings and one private dance with him, yet something about him fascinated Delilah. They had barely talked, but it had been intense. She did not even know if she had heard his name correctly? Edge? What kind of a name was that?
“You mean, Ed? Edward? Ethan?” Delilah had asked while dancing for him.
“That’s right, you heard it right, it is Edge, and you will be Edge’s Rose!” He told Delilah very matter of factually.

What was that even supposed to mean? She did not care though, secretly she was idolizing his masculinity and enjoying every second of those intense moments dancing for him.

“Faithlessness and Adultery” again came to her mind as she tried to shake away last night’s memories. She knew the consequences of Adultery and that it had to be an intentional effort to keep David a priority, yet she was not ready to let go of the strange bond David and her shared. Perhaps she felt that she owed him somehow. David was 25 years his senior. They had met a few years ago while she was doing an internship in his company. He had offered her an indecent proposal, one that Delilah could not refuse. It has been a strange relationship since, and Delilah secretly craved and hated their union. He had never told her that their relationship was eternal, yet Delilah felt the burden of this bondage and could not let go of him. It was more than primal fear, yes he was a shrewd man, but he would never hurt her for wanting to leave. Perhaps she thought that somehow she owed him something. Maybe it was some sort of a complex, insecurity, childhood trauma; Or perhaps it was his wisdom, influence, and power that had kept her from walking away from David.
It had since been a very comfortable and luxurious life for Delilah. She did not have to worry much about anything. She focused on her art, and for the most part, she went about her daily life without much interruption.
David was not wicked, on the contrary, he adored her.
Delilah had learned that there were many consequences if she did not meet David’s expectations. David was a successful and influential attorney. Young ladies were always flirting with him, and he was used to being the center of attention. David always got what he wanted. No one ever questioned his shrewdness.
She never understood why he had picked her in the first place, and although he offered her an open relationship, It soon became evident that she could not cross David. There had been many bitter moments in their relationship, and by eating the bitter fruit of her sorrows, Delilah had gained the nutrients she needed to blossom into the young lady that she was.
Dave’s Rage may have lasted a moment, but his favors were everlasting. Somehow Delilah felt that it was David’s inherent right to either  honor or dishonor her.


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