5 Things That Narcissistic Husbands Do On Mother’s Day To Ruin The Occasion

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mother’s in this world. I have always felt  guilty about complaining on Mother’s Day, as I think that this day is inherently a blessed occasion. Whether you are being honored or not as a “Mother,” we are just truly blessed and happy to have our children. Complaining always felt like ingratitude followed by quick flashes of disturbing thoughts such as those of Mama’s dealing with sick or dying children, or vise versa.

I became a Mother 17 years ago.  I had two challenging and expansive pregnancies that my husband refused to contribute financially. During my second pregnancy, I was considered high risk and was ordered bed rest. My professional career had to stop and despite me carrying my Husband’s child, he refused to help me financially. I became my parent’s burden. Nonetheless, as soon as my children were born, my husband and the In-Law’s felt that disturbing my life and taking control was their privilege. On my very first Mother’s Day, I did not receive a happy Mother’s day card from the In-laws or my Husband. Instead, I was dragged to my in law’s with a newborn to Honor my Mother In law and to shower her with gifts. 

A few years ago, I finally realized that It is OK for me to complain and say “Enough is Enough”.  

So Amazing Mothers: If your Husband is doing these five things to ruin your day remain  strong, confront them, and know that You are still the best Mother—shame on men who try to sabotage this precious day to satisfy their own greedy ego’s.

  1. Gets flowers, gifts and card for his Mother while entirely ignoring his wife.

Send a Thank You Note to Your Mother-in-Law, Free Printable

2.He manipulates the children to spend time with him instead of their Mother; For instance he plans a dinner with the kids instead of letting the children spend time with their MotherParental Alienation and Its Repair | Psychology Today

3. He plans the occasion only to  make “himself” look good. It all becomes a big circus show about his grandiose and life’s accomplishment.  4 signs that your spouse is a Narcissistic parent

4. Mother’s day becomes a competition, and the Husband’s soul’s mission becomes to prove that he can outdo the Mom.

When You Can't Stop Competing With Your Spouse - WSJ5. He refuses to acknowledge the maternal In-laws on Mother’s Day, claiming that An INVITATION must be offered for him to accept the Maternal IN-LAW.? (really, Someone has to invite a person to visit them for Mother’s day or to wish them Happy Mother’s day?)

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