Problems with the collegeboard’s AP program


With SAT and ACT gone, here is a problem that some students may face.

Grades can become inflated and there will be some pressure on which student will have the most rigorous course load. This may push some students to take 4 or even 5 AP courses per academic year.

The problem is that the More AP tests you take, your chances of not passing some will increase.

It is better to take two AP classes and pass with high scores than take five AP test and fail 3 of them. That just looks bad for both the student and the school.

Sadly, AP classes often are not even giving the students the credit they claim to give at college. Most do not even count towards your major and there is a limit on how many units will get forwarded towards your GE requirements. Some Credits toward certain classes are applied only if you score a 5 on your AP test.

AP courses are meant to be college level and do require work at that level. Colleges really want you to demonstrate that you are familiar with such workload. But 4 or 5 difficult APs per year may actually backfire. So talk to your school academic adviser and select your AP courses wisely.

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