How To Deal With The Rude Mother-In-Law!

For some in-laws it is a necessity to be rude. To them it is like their right to treat their daughter-in-law with complete disrespect. It is their way of maintaining control and a false sense of power, especially in front of their own son.

Frankly, it is very easy to be rude!

It requires no talent, no education and an absolute lack of common sense.

So here we go:

Does She never have anything positive to say to you? Is every word out of her mouth a criticism?Would she never praise you for your talent or a job well done? Is it hard for her to acknowledge that you are amazing?

Know that being kind actually requires work. It requires some basic understanding, education, emotional and personal skills, as well as confidence.

So respond to the “rude” with kindness. Do not attempt explaining yourself. They already know you are correct but they just can not accept it.

Your Mother-In-Law’s rudeness is a sign of her own lack of confidence; while your kindness only proves your self assurance and realistic sense of your capabilities and knowledge.

My advice! Stay kind and ignore the rude. Once she understands how little attention you give to her rude comments, she will back off. You will probably never be able to change her, but by remaining kind you will redirect her negative energy and save the day.

2 Replies to “How To Deal With The Rude Mother-In-Law!”

  1. TheHiddenEdge says:

    Good advice Scarlett not just for your MiL but anyone who is just plain rude. 😊


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