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5 amazing “Black Lives Matter” Protest signs Is the 2020 “BLM” protests a wake up call? One Protester disagrees. As an Armenian who has experienced persecution and injustice and even genocide (1915 Armenian Genocide), I completely understand why these Protests are so necessary. As they have been saying We can not just be Not-Racist we have

6 word stories: 2020 challenge

Problems with the collegeboard’s AP program

  With SAT and ACT gone, here is a problem that some students may face. Grades can become inflated and there will be some pressure on which student will have the most rigorous course load. This may push some students to take 4 or even 5 AP courses per

Narcissist 6 word story

6 word story prompt:Food Fight

Food-fight: In-laws hate her cooking.

6 word Stories

Different love. She’s 16, He’s Old.

4 steps to emotionally detach if you are stuck in an unhealthy marriage.

During our first week of shelter at home orders amid the COVID-19 crisis, I became slightly hopeful that individual relationships could mend. I thought that by social distancing, our emotional distance could be gapped. I could envision the light at the end of the tunnel. As a first-generation immigrant, I


!915 Never Again. Remembering the Armenian Genocide

six word stories

COVID_19. Time to discover my self.

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